Boot Safety: 3 Ways To Store Your Boots

Boot Safety: 3 Ways To Store Your Boots

A good pair of hunting boots will last forever if you take care of it correctly. But you're going to have to do more than just the 20 minutes of cleaning. We created this post to teach you how to store your boots safely and help prepare for the next hunting season.

Deodorizing Your Boots

Before you can store your boots, you need to remove all unnecessary smells from it. Hunting boots are filled with dirt, dust, and other materials that give off a weird odor. Failing to deodorize your boots will cause all of your clothing in storage to stink.

Products for scent control.

You'll need a boot deodorizer to make sure they are clean for storage. Once you obtain one, we suggest placing it in your boots for a total of 2 hours before storing it. Keeping your boots deodorized ensures that it won't smell before and after storage.

For people living in small spaces, you can use baking soda to deodorize your boots. Place a small amount of it inside of your boots and let it rest for the evening. After this, your boots will be completely clean and ready to be stored.

Optimizing Room Space

Apartment owners have a small amount of space to store their boots. While you could just store your boots somewhere on the floor, you're doing yourself a disservice. To store your boots correctly, you'll have to optimize your room space.

When it comes to boot storage, you'll want it to take as little space as possible. This ensures that your boots have ample room to dry off on their own and maintain their value. We recommend placing them in either a boot rack or a closet to make the best out of your room space.

Since your boots tend to fall over and not stay in place, you'll need a boot shaper. Boot shapers help your boots stand upright and maintain their form. Alternatively, you can use a rubber band to tie the pairs together. There's no excuse why you cannot keep your boots stored in a manner that helps them preserve their quality.

Room Temperature

Another thing you need to consider is the room temperature of your boot storage. Hot areas with a lot of moisture will decrease the quality of your boot. Also, the added heat will destroy your boot's shape and expose it to unwanted scents while it's in storage.

You need to store your boots at room temperature. Rooms with constant temperature fluctuations can damage the boot; reducing its effectiveness during hunting season. Keep your boots stored in dry and cool places so that they can last longer.

Storage room for hunting gear.

Store your boots in a closet or a basement. These rooms have the same temperature and are guaranteed to keep them safe. Doing this ensures that your boots will stay clean and maintain their form until the next hunting trip.


Your hunting boots are only effective when you take care of them. Make sure that they are completely clean before sticking them in the closet. Ultimately, by following these steps, your boots will retain their value and stay clean for the next time you need them.

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