How To Remain Stealthy While Hunting

How To Remain Stealthy While Hunting

When it comes to hunting, subtlety is the key. Walk too loud, and you'll risk losing your game. Animals are timid creatures and are sensitive to loud noises. That's why you need to know how to remain quiet to leave home with a trophy.

This post is a brief tutorial on hunting stealth. We'll teach you techniques on how to reduce the noise your boots make. Also, you'll learn the proper walking form so that you don't risk scaring off your target. By following these stealth principles, you'll become a better hunter by the end of this article.

Inspect Your Boots

Before you go out hunting, you need to inspect and practice walking in your boots. Try on your boots and move around in them. What sounds do you hear? If you hear loud stomps or a swiffling sound when your pants rub together, chances are your boots are going to make a lot of noise outside.

Sneaking in hunting boots.

You'll also need to check if any of your equipment makes noises. We suggest removing noise making objects such as keys because they make sounds each time you move.

As a rule of thumb, the lighter the boots, the quieter they'll be. Try to get a pair of hunting boots that are at 3lbs or smaller in weight. Anything higher and you'll have a harder time remaining quiet while out hunting.

How To Walk Without Making Noise

Even your walking can set off unnecessary noise. To prevent this, you'll have to use the Fox Walk method. Here are a few steps on how to walk using this technique:

  • 1. Lift your first foot up high and keep your balance
  • 2. Land on the outside ball of your feet
  • ​3. Roll your foot to the inside ball to remain silent.
  • 4. Lastly, lower the toes and begin to shift weight on your foot.

Begin by observing the ground before you start moving. Check to see if there are any noise making objects in the area. Then, you'll want to walk on areas that will make the least noise as possible. Avoid walking on twigs, branches, or dry leaves as they will make you sound louder and scare off the nearby game.

If you do make a loud noise, freeze completely. Stand still until the attention is off you and continue to walk silently. If done correctly, you'll remain silent while walking making it easier for you to track and hunt your game.

Don't Forget To Practice

If you want to walk like a professional hunter, you're going to have to practice often. Start by practicing outside and using good noise discipline. Don't walk loudly on a trail just because you aren't hunting. You need to practice as if you're stalking your prey in a real life hunting situation.

Sneaking while hunting.

Also, you can practice by sneaking up on a deer. See how far you can get without it detecting you. Once it does, find out the reason why. Did you walk too loud or was it your scent? Take each practice session as a learning lesson and improve because of it.


Stealth is a central component of hunting. To separate yourself from novice hunters, you need to know how to walk without scaring off your game. Ultimately, we suggest that you buy lightweight boots and practice walking silently if you want to receive the most results out of your hunting adventures.

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