Millennium Treestands M100U Loc-On Hang-On Tree Stand Review

Millennium Treestands M100U Loc-On Hang-On Tree Stand Review

If you are trying to improve your efficiency while hunting, there are a few things that you can do. We would argue that one of the easiest ways to improve your chances of scoring a kill, especially during the winter and fall, is to make use of a tree stand. If you have never hunted using a tree stand before, you should try it.

Just to make sure that all of our readers are on the same page, let's briefly go over what a tree stand is. A tree stand is exactly what you would expect upon hearing the name. Tree stands are platforms that you attach to the trunk of a tree to use as a vantage point from which to hunt; they often feature a platform for standing and a seat.

Tree Stand Foot Rest

A tree stand has a few pros and cons when you compare it to traditional hunting, in which you are positioned at ground level. For example, the elevation provided by a tree stand can give you superior visibility during the winter and the fall, when there are no leaves on the branches around you.

In fact, a tree stand can even be useful during other seasons, provided the foliage cover isn't too thick to see. The foliage can get overwhelming in extreme cases, and it can be more difficult to shoot from the top of your tree stand than it would be if you were standing on the ground.

Tree stands are not always strictly better than hunting on foot, though they will provide more advantages than disadvantages most of the time. Often, the benefit that you get when it comes to height will override any issues that can be caused by the tree stand.

Before moving on to the rest of our review, we are going to go over one of the aspects that is integral to a quality tree stand. Feel free to skip ahead to our review if you already know what you want out of your tree stand.


When looking for the ideal tree stand, you will want it to be as durable as possible. A durable tree stand is one that is safe, but there are other advantages to a model which is more resilient. Since a tree stand will have to support your weight, you will want one that can do so without being strained.

A more durable tree stand will be less likely to break while you are using it, which can present a genuine safety hazard. While there are harnesses to prevent you from falling on most tree stands, you will find that a sudden, unexpected fall from your tree stand followed by a sharp arrest is not the most pleasant of experiences.

Of course, safety is not the only reason that you will want a sufficiently durable tree stand. While a broken tree stand can endanger you, it can also end up ruining your hunting trip and even resulting in broken equipment. Even if your tree stand breaks while you are not using it, you will still need to purchase a new one.

A tree stand that lasts longer than the competition will be one that provides better value for money since you will get more use out of it before you have to purchase a new one.

About The Product

This tree stand from Millennium Treestands is the updated version of their best-selling M100 model, featuring a refined design in which the weight is markedly reduced. There have been many small adjustments to improve convenience as well as quality of life features. 

Tree Stand Shooting Rail

This tree stand is much more comfortable than many of the other options that you will come across, regardless of whether you are sitting or standing. If you choose to sit while waiting, you will have an adjustable, ergonomic seat that provides sufficient lumbar support. Some notable features:

  • Features a refined design that has reduced weight by ⅕ compared to the previous model
  • The folding seat provides more room while standing and lining up a shot
  • Features a seat with an ergonomic ContourMax design
  • Features aluminum construction which ensures corrosion resistance and light weight
  • Compatible with a range of accessories, including a shooting rail, bow holder, and more
  • The seat can be adjusted for optimal comfort

On the other hand, if you are going to stand up and take a shot, you can fold the chair up out of the way, so you have much more room on the standing platform. Since the seat folds up, you don't have to feel like you are constantly on the verge of teetering off of the tree stand when you are about to shoot.

The aluminum construction of this tree stand helps keep the weight low, but it also provides sufficient durability and resistance to corrosion. If you need a long-lasting tree stand, this is an excellent choice.

What Others Say

What other customers have had to say about this model of tree stand has been equally impressive. Most customers were highly satisfied with the vast range of accessories that are compatible with this tree stand. You can equip this product with everything, ranging from a footrest to a bow holder.

There have been a few complaints about this product, but most of them were relatively minor. One issue comes to mind, though; it has to do with the safety harness. Many customers find that the harness that comes included with this product is overly complicated and they chose to replace it.

Buying Advice

While this tree stand is relatively pricey, it is worth it. If you need a tree stand that will provide years of good service, you will find few choices that can compete with this model. You can usually find this product available for around 220 dollars.

Millennium Treestands M100U Loc-On Hang-On Tree Stand



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