Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek LS 826 Hunting Boot Review

Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek LS 826 Hunting Boot Review

Hunting trips can sometimes get long. It helps to have boots which will accommodate this and prevent your feet from getting sore. When a hunting trip turns out longer than expected, the most discouraging thing is to have to trudge through the forest with sore feet.

While your walking technique will play a part in this, by far the biggest contributor to sore feet is an uncomfortable boot. Beyond sore feet, an uncomfortable boot will also put you at risk of blisters.

Product Description

The Irish Setter LS 826 hunting boot is designed first and foremost to be comfortable.

While comfort is evidently the primary concern, this is no way means that this boot is lacking in any other areas.

When it comes to waterproofing and weather resistance, this model of boot is still an excellent choice.

Irish Setter Men's Vaprtrek LS 826 800 Gram Hunting Boot side view.

Additionally, there is a few quality of life features which will make this boot more pleasant to wear such as the inclusion of ScentBan technology, which stops your boots from absorbing unfortunate odors.

About This Product

  • Features PrimaLoft Insulation to ensure heat retention
  • Features a removable cork footbed with memory foam
  • Features UltraDry waterproofing to ensure dry feet
  • Features ScentBan technology to keep your feet from smelling


Easily the best feature included with this pair of boots is the inclusion of the cork footbed which features memory foam padding.

The addition of cork ensures that your step will have a noticeable spring to it, allowing you to prowl through the forest without disturbing your target more quickly. Memory foam padding ensures that your feet will remain comfortable and you will suffer no issues with the insole slipping.

Beyond simple comfort, the UltraDry waterproofing is some of the best waterproofing we have seen on a boot in this price range. While they are not as resistant to water as boots which are specifically designed for rain or snow, these boots still perform well in adverse conditions.


There are not many cons to this boot that we could find. The only one that was rather noticeable was that the ScentBan technology was not as effective as we expected.

While these boots will smell better than the competition after a long hunting trip, they can get a little stinky after repeated use and several long trips.

This can be expected from any boot, so it is not that bad of a complaint.

Irish Setter Men's Vaprtrek LS 826 800 Gram Hunting Boot front view.


If you are searching for an excellent pair of boots which combines reliability with comfort, you should look no further than the Irish Setter LS 826s. There is certainly very little to complain about when you purchase these boots. Good hunting boots can make or break a hunting trip, and these boots have everything you could hope for in a good pair.

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