How To Properly Size Hunting Boots: A Guide For Customers

How To Properly Size Hunting Boots: A Guide For Customers

Hunting boots are one of the most important parts of your kit when you are going out into the wild to hunt. Aside from your rifle, you may find that they are the most crucial part of your kit, especially if you are hunting without a group. In fact, a proper pair of hunting boots can guarantee your safety better than anything else.

One of the primary reasons why you will have to get a pair of hunting boots is because walking through the wild in shoes which are not meant for the application can be very dangerous. One of the biggest risks of hunting, aside from being attacked by wild animals is falling and breaking something.

Hunting Boots In Forest

If you do not have other members of your group to rely on if you fall, the chances of getting aid in the woods are slim to none. It is for this reason that you must ensure that you wear appropriate footwear. Proper hunting boots will reduce your chance of injury for many reasons.

The reinforced soles of hunting boots ensure that there will be a much smaller chance of the bottom of your footwear being penetrated by another object. The main reason why hunting boots are an ideal option, however, is because they offer far more ankle support than shoes, which substantially decreases the likelihood of you being injured.

We will now take a look at how you can ensure that your hunting boots are ideally sized, regardless of where you buy them from. When it comes to how to buy boots, sizing is the most important part.

Buying Boots In Person

If you plan to buy your hunting boots in person, you will have a much easier time ensuring that they are sized properly. It is for this reason that most people prefer to purchase any type of footwear (not just hunting boots) in person instead of online, as you will have a chance to try them on.

When Is The Best Time To Buy Boots?

When we reference the best time to buy hunting boots, we do not mean the best season, although you will probably get the best deals if you buy your hunting boots after the season has ended. We are instead referencing the best time in the day to buy your boots to ensure that they are the proper size.

Believe it or not, your feet will swell gradually over the course of a day, especially if you do a measurable amount of walking. This is due to the stress that is put on your feet by standing over the course of the day. As you will be lying down while sleeping, you will find that your feet will be smaller at the beginning of the day.

Man Tying Shoelaces On Hunting Boots

If you want to ensure that your feet will remain comfortable for the duration of your hunting trips (as you will be doing a lot of walking), you will have to try on your hunting boots at the end of the day. Another advantage to going to the hunting store this late is that there will likely be fewer customers ahead of you, slowing your wait time in lines.

Wear Your Hunting Socks

The next step on how to size hunting boots should be used in combination with our previous piece of advice about buying hunting boots at the end of the day. Surprisingly, many people make the mistake of wearing regular socks when they go to try on their hunting boots, only to find that they are uncomfortably tight when wearing their hunting socks.

Since hunting socks tend to be far thicker than regular socks, you will have to either wear them or socks of equivalent thickness when shopping for the ideal hunting boots. If you may be wondering: should you buy boots a size bigger?

If you are not wearing hunting socks, you will typically want to heed this advice. If you are wearing your hunting socks, however, you will find that this piece of advice will usually result in buying a pair of boots which are overly large. This can increase your chance of injury and make you uncomfortable.

Buying Hunting Boots Online

You will find that it is harder to size hunting boots online, but there are also many advantages to doing so. Online retailers tend to have a much larger selection of hunting boots which will be available for better prices. This will ensure that you get the ideal pair of boots for your needs and save money in the process.

How To Find The Perfect Fit 

Online retailers will often feature the dimensions of a shoe, both interior, and exterior. You will want the interior dimensions so you can ensure that your foot will fit inside of your hunting boots. To measure your foot, you will ideally need tailors' tape, which is like a measuring tape but much more flexible.

Measuring Foot Size

This tape will be able to wrap around your foot so you can get the proper size without having to resort to tracing it on a piece of paper, which can sometimes be inaccurate. The tracing method will allow you to use a more rigid measuring tape or a ruler to ensure that you can get an approximate size.

You will have to measure the length of your foot, as long as the width and the depth to ensure that you can get the proper size of hunting boots. This will make sure that you do not get any blisters while wearing your boots and you will not have to deal with any possible discomfort or similar issues.


If you follow our advice, you will find that your hunting boots can easily be ordered or found in the ideal size. This will increase your comfort, but more importantly, it will ensure that you do not get injured due to improperly fitted boots.

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