How To Ensure That Your Hunting Boots Dry Properly: A Guide

How To Ensure That Your Hunting Boots Dry Properly: A Guide

It is important to maintain your gear for hunting properly. If your equipment is in poor condition, it will significantly increase the odds of you being injured while you are out in the wild. Being injured while you are hunting is the greatest danger that you may face, as it is highly unlikely that you will get aid without a phone or a friend.

If you go hunting without a properly maintained rifle, for example, you will find it very difficult to kill your targets cleanly, as it will be much more likely to jam or misfire. An improperly maintained firearm is a danger to your and the rest of your hunting party, as it may have a chance to hangfire or even suffer a catastrophic failure.

Steping In Water With Hunting Boots

Other pieces of your camping gear which should be well-maintained are your GPS devices, so you can always find your way out of the woods in case you get lost. If you do not own a handheld GPS, you will find it very difficult to navigate the woods unless you have been hunting in them your whole life.

The pieces of your kit that we will be explaining how to maintain in this article will be your boots. Your boots are integral to ensuring that you get a proper foothold while you are traveling through the woods. This will help you avoid any potential injuries due to falling.

More specifically, we will be explaining the best way to dry shoes after a particularly wet hunting trip. If hunting in the rain, you will find that your hunting boots can quickly get wet, especially if you walk through the mud or puddles that accumulate.

Why Your Hunting Boots Should Be Dried

You may be wondering why it is so important to know how to dry shoes after a wet hunting trip. There are several reasons why you may wish to do so. The most crucial of these reasons is that your hunting boots can get damaged if they are left with water in them for too long.

In some cases, the insole of your hunting boots can end up absorbing too much water and fraying; a wet boot is one which can quickly lose its effectiveness. Aside from potential damage to the lining of your boots, you may find that boots which are left with water in them are more susceptible to mold and mildew growth.

This mold and mildew can result in fungus growing on your feet, but it can also ruin your boots. You will want to avoid this buildup. Another possible issue with leaving your boots wet is that they may take a while to dry, so they will still be wet by the time you head out to hunt, especially if you are going on the next day.

Wet boots will also tend to smell worse than they would otherwise. If you do not want your feet to start smelling after a long hunting trip, ensuring that they are dry is a great first step, amongst other techniques to reduce the smell, like baking soda and dryer sheets.

Hunting Boots Drying

Wet boots are highly uncomfortable. No one wants to have to go out on a hunting trip with their boots squelching as they walk. Wet boots will also make your socks wet, which will either necessitate a change of socks, or discomfort for the entirety of your hunt.

If you are hunting in a cold environment, you will find that wet hunting boots can result in you getting sick, as wet feet are one of the easiest ways to contract a cold. As you can see, wet boots can lead to you being more than inconvenienced; they can even be a threat to your health.

Leaving Your Boots In The Sun

One of the easiest ways to dry your boots is to leave them out in the sun. This will be one of the more unreliable methods, but it does not require a power source or any other form of equipment. This is usually the best option if you are out in the wild or in a cabin with few power sources.

Using A Radiator

This is the classic option you have when it comes to drying wet shoes and clothes. While this option is simple, you will also find that it is effective. All you have to do is turn your heating up and place your boots on the heater, where they can be adequately dried.

You will have to ensure that your radiator's heat is not too high, as it can end up melting your boots' soles, which will force you to buy a new pair. This method also wastes more power than the other options on this list and will result in your home getting hotter than you would be comfortable with.

Using A Blow Dryer

A better alternative to using a radiator to dry your shoes is by using a blow dryer. If you have a hair dryer at your disposal, it will ensure that you can heat your hunting boots sufficiently to make sure that they are dry in a short enough period of time. The best part of a blow dryer is that the heat can target the parts of your boots that are wet.

Drying Boots With Blow Dryer

While a radiator will heat your boots equally, you will find that a hair dryer can be aimed into your boots to ensure that the interior will be as dry as you need it to be. Another advantage to using a hair dryer is that it will not end up melting any parts of your boots that are vulnerable to heat.


As you can see, it is important to get your hunting boots dry as soon as possible after a particularly wet hunting trip. We hope that we have provided you with a sufficient number of ways to ensure that they are as dry as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them down in the comments.

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