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A Guide to the Best Hunting Rifles of 2017

Are you are in the market for the best hunting rifle of 2017?

You’ve made it to a detailed comprehensive guide that will make your life a lot easier. Our options listed below will help you narrow down what type of rifle you need to invest in.

January is when most of the new rifles are displayed at the SHOT show in Las Vegas. Retailers and attendees gather at this event to check out the latest products for the new year.

Now, let’s find you the best hunting rifle!

Winchester XPR Compact

Think about purchasing a Winchester if you are on a tight budget. These rifles pack a reliable and accurate approach to taking on a variety of game animals. The XPR is the latest edition to a legendary line up that will provide the shooter with an accurate platform. The XPR has innovative benefits.

One of these benefits includes the barrel that has a premium feature known as a target crown. This model also comes equipped with a lightweight, detachable magazine that is easy to carry. This particular rifle also has a magazine with a polymer design which makes it the right size to fit in your pocket, too.

Another great feature about this rifle? It has a simple two-position safety with the functionality of a multi-position safety. User adjustments can also be made with this reliable rifle. This gun is easy to use if you are a new shooter with these safety positions.

At around $500, this Winchester XPR Compact is budget-friendly and is worth the price with all of its added features. Think about making the jump to this brand for your new hunting rifle.

Tikka T3x

Winchesters are great, but we have so many options for you to keep reading about. Let’s move onto another top pick for the best hunting rifle of 2017, which is the Tikka T3x. Tikkas are accurate and smooth, there’s no doubt about it.

The design features of this rifle make it a stiff competition among the rest. The Tikka T3x is a brand new gun that has a new modular synthetic stock for improved accuracy. The grip on this rifle has also evolved to be a “no-slip” grip. Stock noise reduction is also a new feature of this specific rifle. Less noise will no doubt make you remain incredibly stealthy while hunting.

Howa Kuiu

Since January, the new Howas are popular picks for new rifles on the market. People have been talking about them on the Internet. These rifles have two unique innovative camouflage designs to keep you hidden throughout your hunting adventure. The Howa brand is known for its optimized stock contour and high-quality rubberized grip meant for wet conditions.

The material on this rifle is also made out of 15% Durethan, which is a strong fiberglass. You need to consider purchasing a Howa Kuiu as an option for your best hunting rifle to own in 2017. These guns also promise a lifetime warranty with respected customer service just in case you run into any issues.

Barrett Fieldcraft Bolt-Action Rifle

One more option as a rifle is the Barrett Fieldcraft Bolt-Action rifle. This type of rifle includes a stock that is built with a carbon fiber material to keep it performing all day long out in the field. This lightweight rifle is equipped with great precision for a guaranteed accurate shot.

This safety features of this rifle includes a two-position safety. The two-position safety has fire and safe settings to prevent any accidental firings from occurring. This gun type also weighs between 5 and 6 pounds, which is helpful when you take difficult trips up and down steep mountains.

The Barrett brand that manufacturers these lightweight guns pride themselves on creating precision barrels that are both button-refiled and stress relieved.

Kimber Subalpine

Are you looking for a gun which specializes in elk hunting? Look no further than at the Kimber Subapline Featherweight Mountain Rifle. This gun was all the rage at the SHOT show in Las Vegas. Equipped with sub-MOA accuracy capabilities, the Kimber Subalpine promises extreme accuracy guaranteed. A stainless steel barrel and a soft recoil pad produce quality results for long range shooting.

The weight of this rifle is under 5 pounds. The Subalpine is light, but not light enough to cause issues with stability. Aiming this gun is easy to do because of its solid grip and carbon stock features. We recommend choosing this gun as one of our best hunting rifle options based on its weight, sub-MOA accuracy, and camo-finish design.

Ruger American Predator, Our Vote for the Best Hunting Rifle

At under $600, this rifle is inexpensive but performs nicely. It is also 100% American made. The company Ruger even made Forbes list of the top 10 American small businesses in 2014. Back to the benefits of this model: the moss green synthetic stock feature improves handling capabilities. The 6mm Creedmoor is a new cartridge that Ruger developed for 2017, especially for this gun design. The 6mm offers less recoil, too, which allows you to stay on target.

What sets this rifle apart as one of the best hunting rifle options is its power bedding blocking system. The threaded barrel design is another benefit to this rifle. With a threaded barrel, you will have an easier time cleaning your gun and improving your shooting accuracy.

In Conclusion

We hope our list of the best hunting rifle options for 2017 is informative for you to decide what type of rifle to purchase. Are you an avid shooter? Remember, if you are looking into carrying a gun with you, make sure you have proper training and reliable insurance.

At Bad Ass Hunting Boots, we know this comprehensive guide will help you choose the best hunting rifle to fit your hunting needs. Looking to hunt elk? Try the Kimber Subalpine as your best hunting rifle option to buy this year. Need a gun with extra noise reduction? Consider the Tikka T3x. Both of these guns are perfect for your next hunting trip. Most of our options work for any budget, from inexpensive finds to higher end models.

If you need help deciding which hunting boots to purchase for 2017, our detailed guide to the best hunting boots will provide you with more information.

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