How To Make Your Boots Last: The Ultimate Boot Maintenance Guide

How To Make Your Boots Last: The Ultimate Boot Maintenance Guide

Knowing how to maintain your hunting boots is only half of it. In fact, there are some extra things you'll need to do to help your boots last as long as we can. That's why we made this short post to help you learn the secret tactics used to maximize your boots lifespan and maintain its quality.

Your boots are a special investment, and they'll work a lot better if you start treating them as such.

By the end of this article, you'll have enough information to keep your boots living past its average life expectancy.

Boot Waterproofing And Conditioning

If you want your boots to last for years, you need to keep them properly conditioned. Cleaning your boots is great, but certain weather conditions can destroy it if you're not careful. That's why you need to learn how to waterproof and condition your boots.

Hunting boots in water.

Depending on the type of material, you'll have to use either chemicals or oil paste for your boots. For boots made out of non-leather, chemicals will do the trick. Use protective gloves and place only a small amount of it on the boots.

Natural oil paste work by revitalizing the leather in your boots. As time progress, your leather boots start to lose its quality due to discoloration. Rub a small amount of the cream on your boots and make sure that it's distributed evenly.

After that, you need to let your boots dry on their own. Also, you can use a fan if you need to speed up the process. Giving them time to air dry ensures that they will maintain their natural appearance and remain in perfect condition.

Buy Boot Trees

Another tip that's commonly overlooked is boot trees. Since you wear your boots regularly, they'll tend to lose their form which can be dangerous when you're out hunting.

Boot trees extend your hiking boots' lifespan by upholding its shape. You can find them sold for cheap at your local shoe store or on Amazon. Get boot trees if you're serious about keeping your boots lasting forever.

Quickly Repair Snow And Salt Stains

The most common enemies to hunting boots are snow and salt. They destroy the boot by getting into the soles and reducing its protective padding. Because of this, you'll want to immediately remove snow and salt from your boots the moment you notice it.

Hunting boots in snow.

To fix this issue, use a salt stain remover. Then, give your boots time to air dry to get rid of the infected stains completely. Doing this ensures that your hunting boots won't become destroyed by the end of winter season.

A Few Tips & Warnings

Leather boots use natural oil pastes while non-leather boots use chemicals to stay clean. Understand the material your boot is made out of so that you can clean it effectively.

Don't forget to use an extra protective sole. They increase your boots durability and provide more protective padding to support your feet.

Never leave your boots outside during the winter season. The moisture and the salt will destroy the quality of your boots.


Your hunting boots are regularly exposed to harsh weather, germs, other dangerous elements. No matter how much money you spend, if you don't take care of your boots, they will begin to stop working as expected. Make sure to clean your boots at least 2-3 times a week to keep them working effectively.

Man wearing hunting boots.

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