Best Hunting Socks: A Guide To Hunt Safely During The Winter

Best Hunting Socks: A Guide To Hunt Safely During The Winter

It doesn't matter if you're a novice or an experienced hunter, a good pair of thermal socks is invaluable. They will keep your feet thoroughly protected from outside cold air while you continue your daily tasks.

This guide is to help you find the best hunting socks that are currently available. Our main goal is to help you buy a pair of socks that won't rip or stretch out during the time you need it the most. Continue reading so that you'll find a good pair of socks that will help you complete your hunting trips more efficiently.

Why Should You Choose Your Hunting Socks Carefully

To maximize your performance and push your limits of endurance during a winter hunting expedition, getting the right gear is critical. That's why you have to take your time and search for the right pair of hunting socks that suits your needs and fits your purpose completely.

Your hunting sock selection will be based on the weather and terrain of the hunting grounds. Getting the right pair of hunting socks prevents blisters, increase comfort, and helps you in finding a pair of hunting boots that fit.

On What to Pay Attention When Choosing Your Hunting Sock

When shopping, you'll want to consider the specs of each sock. How thick is the fabric? Does it stay locked onto your feet or do they fall off constantly? These are questions you need to ask to ensure that your socks are of the highest quality and can keep your feet warm once you begin hunting game.

Look at this section to find out what certain aspects make up a good hunting sock. After that, search through the three products and make a decision based on which one aids you the most. This ensures that you don't waste time in your shopping process and guarantees you'll have a pair of socks that work the best for you.


If you want the best hunting socks, wool and silk provide the highest level of comfort.

Wool socks are also great in providing insulation. Heavy wool socks are better than socks made of synthetic material because the fibers work to keep your feet cool and dry. Even in wet conditions, wool socks help users remain warm via keeping warm air in and cold air out.

The highest quality socks are made of wool mixed with lycra or nylon. Lycra helps the sock fit to the user's feet and has a higher level of durability than cotton fabrics. Nylon is also great because it's flexible, and can be worn in almost any size.

Matrials For Socks

If you're in need of budget-friendly socks, get a pair that's in acrylic, cotton, or polyester. We don't recommend using cotton socks because it absorbs too much water. Cotton socks should have a liner sock underneath to prevent the sweat from seeping into the sock.

However, cheap socks can compromise your hunting experience. You'll have to spend more time taking care of them to prevent them from breaking. We suggest that you pay extra for wool socks due to their enhanced durability and comfort.

Thermal Insulation

After finding a sock with high-quality material, its insulation properties is something else you should consider. Look for socks that can keep your feet warm for up to 10 hours or more.

In some hunting excursions, chances are you'll get trapped by a snow storm. Getting a pair of well-insulated socks ensures that you'll have enough foot protection to successfully get out of a snow storm alive and fully safe.

While wool socks take longer to dry, they offer the best insulation. This is because the fabrics are designed to stay in place while in use. This is great because it stops your feet from being exposed to the freezing air that's outside.


Even if your socks are thoroughly insulated, your feet still need a pair of socks that stay comfortable on your feet. Test each pair of socks before buying to ensure that they are comfortable enough.

When placing the sock on your feet, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do my feet feel warm when using the sock?
  • Does the sock slide off of my knees?
  • What weather climate is best for this sock?
  • Can I pair the socks with a thinner pair?

Once you've asked these questions, see which hunting socks provide the most comfort. By doing this, you are thoroughly researching which sock is worth your money. Get the sock that is the most comfortable so that your hunting trip can go by more smoothly.

Moisture Management

You'll usually find this feature in most high-end hunting socks. Moisture management ensures that your socks can absorb water but still dry fairly quickly. If you have any extra cash to spare, moisture management socks will increase the sock's lifespan while also giving you the most comfort when using them.

Best Hunting Socks

Winner: Wolverine Men's 2 Pack Hunting Sock


  • Naturally odor resistant
  • Toe protection and reinforced heel
  • Thermal Insulating Wool
  • Fully cushioned comfort
  • 68% Acrylic, 20% Wool, 11% Nylon, 1% Spandex


Starting off our review is the Wolverine Men's Hunting Sock. The sock consists of fully insulated wool, which provides thermal insulation, moisture wicking, and natural odor resistance. You'll can find this pair of socks on Amazon at a price around $19.

The first thing we've noticed is the product's durability. For example, they have enough insulation to protect users in weather ranging from -10°F to 110°F. This gives you enough insulation to keep your feet warm during light to mild winter environments.

And, the socks have are resistant from shrinking. This places the Wolverine Hunting Socks higher than the competition, as rival products tend to lose a size after getting washed. You'll like these socks if you want a pair of reliable hunting boots that retain their size after frequent use.

Wolverine 2 Pack Review

Additionally, the Wolverine Men's Hunting Sock will go up to the user's knees. Consumers like this feature as it allows their feet to remain thoroughly protected while outdoors. These high knee socks are insulated with wool to ensure that you'll remain warm and safe in cold temperatures.

Other sock brands are a hassle to wear due to their lack of comfort. With the Wolverine Men's Hunting Sock, you'll have a fully padded cushion placed on the bottom sole. This ensures that you can walk for extended hours with the sock without experiencing any fatigue.

However, there is one issue that consumers frequently noticed. They did not like the weak elastic band that holds the material together. Because of its weak band, shoppers reported that the socks would not go up past their calves. Get a sock that's 2 sizes higher to prevent this issue.

If you want the best wool hunting socks, you should look into the Wolverine Men's Hunting Sock. Not only does it has a natural, odorless feature to prevent unwanted smells from entering the sock, but it's weather-resistant enough to keep you warm when hunting game. Buy this pair of socks if you want reliable foot protection on your next camping trip.

Runner-Up: Carhartt Men's Socks


  • FastDry Technology
  • Comfort Stretch Top
  • Coralast Abrasion Resistant Fibers
  • Compression arch
  • Odor Control


Ranked second is the Carhartt Men's Socks. The sock consists of a compression arch, which is used to support the user's weight and provide a comfortable resting spot for their feet. This sock is currently sold on Amazon at a price about $22.

The sock's defining feature is its Fast Dry technology. Compared to competing socks, the Carhartt sock becomes dry 30% faster. It wicks away the water from the fabric faster, which makes it easier to clean and dry than rival products.

Also, you don't have to worry about the fibers losing their quality. Carhartt designed these socks with a Coralast Abrasion fiber which keeps the wool thoroughly in place. This places it a step ahead from lower quality socks, who tend to break when exposed to cold temperatures.

Shoppers also like this sock because it fits to their form. For instance, the sock has a comfort stretch top that yield's to the user's leg form without it binding, falling, or pinching to the user's leg. Buy this sock if you want a reliable sock that won't over stretch or fall while hunting outdoors.

Carhartt Men's Comfort Stretch Steel Toe Socks Review

And, the sock has an ankle stabilizing feature. This allows the sock to stay positioned on the user's foot and prevents it from accidentally sliding off their feet. The ankle stabilizers ensure that your feet will remain protected and is a great choice for campers and hunters.

But, you'll have to watch out for the sock's poor air circulation. After you wash the sock, the material begins to fade away and work less effective as usual. If this happens, plan on getting a replacement to ensure that your feet can stay warm.

Still, we believe that the Carhartt Men's Socks are the best warm socks for hunting. The socks fit the shape of your leg, prevents unwanted odors from entering, and keeps your feet thoroughly locked in place. Get this product if you're serious about having the highest level of foot protection when hunting.

Alternative: Arctic Extreme Hunting Socks


  • 7x warmer than cotton
  • Padded Comfort
  • Non-itchy socks
  • Ribbed-Stay Up Top
  • Acrylic Fabric


Last on our review is the Arctic Extreme Hunting Socks. These socks are known for their durable fabric and top lining that doesn't fall off the user's feet. You can get these socks on Amazon at a price around $17.

First, you'll like the socks because of its thick thermal yarn. The yarn is highly insulated, meaning that it traps heat inside while also preventing any cold air from affecting your feet. Thus, making them a great pair of socks to have during the winter season.

Also, customers like the sock because of the comfort it gives its users. You'll be able to wear the socks in -40°F weather without your feet being exposed to the cold. Users like this feature as it allows them to work in winter conditions without experiencing frostbite or other cold-related injuries.

Artic Extreme Thermal Socks Review

The socks can also be layered up with a thinner pair to provide the ultimate foot protection. Buyers stated that doing this method helped their feet remain warm in during cold weather in the teens. We like this product because it can easily work and fit with other socks to keep your feet warm.

Another thing that places the Arctic Extreme Socks ahead of competing socks is its quality. The socks are made of 93% acrylic, which makes it 7x stronger than cotton socks. If you want a good pair of hunting socks for cold weather, these socks won't disappoint you.

You'll have to look out for the sock's lack of thermal properties. While still providing warmth, people noticed the sock's thermal material deteriorating after each wash. Make sure to replace your socks often to ensure that your feet won't freeze up during colder climates.

Overall, the Arctic Extreme Socks is known as the best-heated socks for hunting, It works with boots that have an insulation level up to 600L, and is great for environments that release cold air and is full of heavy snow falls. Purchase these socks to ensure that you'll stay safe during the winter.

The Verdict

The Carhartt Men's Socks is the best hunting socks in today's market. It evaporates water faster than competing products and can fit to the user's leg form without it falling off. You should get this pair of hunting socks to ensure that your feet remain warm during the winter season.

Do you have any questions or experiences with any of the socks listed?

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